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Jagannadh Satyavolu, PhD
Theme Leader, Biomass and Biofuels

Ernst Hall Room 311
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Jagannadh Satyavolu, PhD, is the Theme Leader for Biomass and Biofuels at the Conn Center and is focused on developing renewable feed streams for green fuel processing technology.

Dr. Satyavolu has over 20 years of experience in commercial business leadership roles, product and process technology development, industrial application research, and academia. He has led projects in the development of non-wood fiber applications for paper and other industrial markets, wet-end additives, de-inking processes, membrane separations, and other work involving chemical, food, biotechnology, and value generation from co-product streams. Prior to joining Conn Center, he worked at Cargill, Georgia Institute of Technology, and Battelle Labs.

Dr. Satyavolu received his PhD (1989) and MS (1984) in Chemical Engineering from The Ohio State University and a BTech (1982) in Chemical Engineering from Andhra University in India. He had several publications and holds 13 US and European patents on food and paper processes. He joined the Conn Center in 2011.

His focus at the Conn Center is to develop and promote business and commercial relationships among biomass producers and biofuel producers in such a way that the cost of biofuel production is comparable to costs from synthetic sources. To this extent, he identifies the most suitable biomasses and develops processes to produce C5-rich hydrolyzate to manufacture biochemicals and biochemical intermediates.