Small Business Access

The Conn Center Advanced Materials Characterization Facility is available for use by small businesses. The facility scientists will provide training to authorized users on specific processes and equipment. To encourage small business use, the facility offers different tier rates, including after-hour rates, which are more affordable for small and startup companies.

To become an authorized small business user, please contact the facility's Research Manager, Dr. Jacek Jasinski at 502/852-6338. All small business facility users must be authorized by:

  • Jacek Jasinski, PhD, Conn Center Theme Leader in Materials Characterization
  • Mahendra Sunkara, PhD, Conn Center Director and Professor of Chemical Engineering, and
  • Kevin Walsh, PhD, Associate Dean for Research, UofL J.B. Speed School of Engineering

Please see our yearly published rates in the Rates tab and call for more individualized rates if not available for your particular application.

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