Available Services

The instrumentation, testing and analysis available at Conn Center are listed below:

Materials Characterization

  • Thermal Analysis - the set of equipment (DSC, TGA, TMA) allows to measure basic thermal properties of various materials.
  • Electron Microscopy - The state-of-the-art electron microscopes are becoming as the necessary tools for quality control (QC) during nanomaterials synthesis and development. The instruments in at the Material Characterization Laboratory of The Conn Center are capable of achieving an image resolution of 0.24 nm and spectroscopic resolution of 0.8eV. These instruments include a 200-kV field-emission transmission electron microscope, a field-emission scanning electron microscope, and a tungsten filament scanning electron microscope. The electron microscopes along with several accessories such as energy filtered imaging and 3-D chemical tomography allow one to perform various experiments critical to nanoscale science and technology, catalysis, advanced materials science & engineering and structural biology. These experiments include structural characterization and property analysis at an atomic scale.
  • Surface Anaylsis - Our UHV system includes XPS and Auger spectoscopy for chemical identification and composition quantification as well as UPS technique for the electronic structure characterization.
  • Optical Analysis - The facility offers comprehensive optical characterization of materials.
  • Sample Preparation - A line of equipment for sample preparation geared toward SEM/XRD/TEM.
  • X-Ray Diffractometry - crystallography and phase identification are provided with the use our X-Ray Diffractometers.

Energy Conversion Testing

  • Mass Biofuel Conversion Testing - most of the basic properties of biofuels such as freezing point, acidity, and viscosity can be tested.
  • Solar Cell Testing - complete testing of dye sensitized solar cells.
  • Lithium Battery Prototyping & Testing - fabrication and comprehensive characterization of lithium batteries.
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